Varsha in Houston

Varsha is a sophomore BBA Scholar and SMU Distinguished Scholar majoring in finance and biochemistry. This summer, she is participating in the Michael E. DeBakey Summer Surgery Program at Baylor College of Medicine, Houston.

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New lung at work

I got to scrub in on my first transplant case today, a single lung transplant! It was amazing. I got to feel the old lungs, and mentally compared the visual differences between the old lung, which was covered in black and gray patches, and healthy new pink lung.

I had a quick anatomy lesson on the pulmonary artery, vein and nerves as the right lung of the COPD patient (who was also a smoker) was taken out. When the new lung arrived from Oklahoma, I watched as it was put in and as it expanded. What an interesting experience!

This week, I also saw my third orthopedic surgery case: I have seen a hip replacement, a knee replacement, and a revision hip replacement, and have seen how the bone glue is placed, and how such prosthetic joint implants are placed inside the human body.

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