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Varsha is a sophomore BBA Scholar and SMU Distinguished Scholar majoring in finance and biochemistry. This summer, she is participating in the Michael E. DeBakey Summer Surgery Program at Baylor College of Medicine, Houston.

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My assignment: Methodist Hospital

Today begins my summer as a DeBakey Summer Student.

What is this program? Well it’s offered through Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas. It allows college students to get a “hands-on” experience in surgery, something that usually doesn’t happen until the third year of medical school. So, coming across this program description online as I was surfing through possible summer activities, you can guess how fascinated I was. Submitting my application, I avidly waited until I heard from the coordinator in April. The answer? Yes! I had been accepted!

And now I am here on my first day. I have just met the other Summer Students, about 27 of us, ranging from sophomores-to-be to seniors-to-be. While the majority of us are from Texas, there are a few students from out-of-state, and of course many different colleges.

Each of us is assigned to different surgeon mentors in the Medical Center area: Ben Taub, St. Luke’s, Methodist, Texas Children’s, and the VA. Me? I’ve been assigned to Methodist Hospital to a cardiothoracic surgeon. After an in-depth information session about the program, we part ways making arrangements to meet the coordinators of our respective hospitals, as well as our mentors.

I can’t wait to see what I’ll discover this summer!!

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    1. Kimberly Feliberti says:

      HI, I was reading your post, and with all you have said now im more than excited to get accepted and participate next summer. I will appreciate if you have the time to write me back, so you could tell me more about it. I will love to here from your experience and if there anything you will recommend me before applying. Thank you

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