No surgeries were scheduled with my mentor today. There was a coronary bypass that was supposed to take place yesterday, yet it was cancelled, as the patient was not ready, so the case was moved to Monday.

Thus, I had the day to myself. My Methodist badge gave me access to any operating room in the hospital, as long as I checked with the surgeon to make sure my presence was all right. Thus, I went around trying to find an interesting case.

I had already seen a thorascopy/ right lung lobectomy yesterday, a case that took a little over four ours, and produced a large mass. I had held a human rib in gloved hands. In addition, I had seen the removal of an abnormal thyroid gland lobe, which apparently is several sizes larger than a normal lobe.

So today, I discovered a C-section going on in one of the operating rooms. I watched as a beautiful baby boy was born. The surgeons were kind as to explain to me the process, which was surprisingly quick, and it seemed the stitching took more time than the actual delivery!