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My assignment: Methodist Hospital

Today begins my summer as a DeBakey Summer Student.

What is this program? Well it’s offered through Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas. It allows college students to get a “hands-on” experience in surgery, something that usually doesn’t happen until the third year of medical school. So, coming across this program description online as I was surfing through possible summer activities, you can guess how fascinated I was. Submitting my application, I avidly waited until I heard from the coordinator in April. The answer? Yes! I had been accepted!

And now I am here on my first day. I have just met the other Summer Students, about 27 of us, ranging from sophomores-to-be to seniors-to-be. While the majority of us are from Texas, there are a few students from out-of-state, and of course many different colleges.

Each of us is assigned to different surgeon mentors in the Medical Center area: Ben Taub, St. Luke’s, Methodist, Texas Children’s, and the VA. Me? I’ve been assigned to Methodist Hospital to a cardiothoracic surgeon. After an in-depth information session about the program, we part ways making arrangements to meet the coordinators of our respective hospitals, as well as our mentors.

I can’t wait to see what I’ll discover this summer!!

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    1. Kimberly Feliberti says:

      HI, I was reading your post, and with all you have said now im more than excited to get accepted and participate next summer. I will appreciate if you have the time to write me back, so you could tell me more about it. I will love to here from your experience and if there anything you will recommend me before applying. Thank you

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