And in Denmark!

I guess I should have put that at the end of the entry, but I know that you may not have the time or patience to read through the rest of my rant. Bjorn asked me to marry him – he’s the one who tried to teach me to cook when I studied abroad here two years ago through SMU. I’m back at SMU working for the Engineering School and working on my master’s in Dispute Resolution.

So, I am one of those people who can’t stand surprises. If I find my Christmas presents early, I unwrap them, and then once I know what it is, I carefully re-tape the sides. Bjorn is the kind of person who cannot keep secrets. We both worked really hard on this, which made for a long but somehow pleasant day.

He bought me a pretty new dress and some red high-heeled shoes. You’d be proud of me – I made it through the entire day in those shoes. I tried to wear them later, but my feet won’t be fooled twice. Trying to funnel my square-shaped sausages into some peeptoes for another day is simply asking too much. The dress was so lovely that some young girls complimented me on it, which is rare in a country where everyone sits stoically facing forward on the train.

Bjorn first took me on a canal tour – the one touristy thing I hadn’t done whilst in Denmark, and had been nagging him about for quite some time. The tour took us through the central and historic part of Copenhagen on a canal built hundreds of years ago. The tour guide warned us in three different languages that the bridges we were cruising under were low. They truly were, as we periodically had to duck our heads. I kept thinking that Bjorn would ask me to marry him then, but he didn’t.

After the canal tour we ventured to the main walking street and shared a cup of ice cream. I really like ice cream, so I kept thinking that Bjorn would ask me to marry me then, but he didn’t.

Bjorn then took me on a tour of Rosenborg Castle. The castle is small and centrally located in the King’s Park next to the botanical garden and is surrounded by Danish Royal Guards. We went through all the rooms and closets of the castle to see all of the treasures of the royal family. We saved the best part for last, and went down to the basement where the crown jewels are kept. The crowns were something you would see in a pirate movie (but real!), covered with jewels and pearls. This is the only moment that I didn’t think Bjorn would ask me – the most stately of engagement rings would pale in comparison to the crown jewels.

We spent sometime outside in the garden however, and I kept thinking that Bjorn would ask me to marry me then, but he didn’t.

Keep in mind at no point of the day was I told where we were going or what we were doing, so it was getting more and more intense. When I would pry, Bjorn did a good job of ignoring me or telling me that I was going to run a marathon in my new shoes.

Our next stop was at Frederiksberg. We went to Peter Beier, a chocolate store. Bjorn believes that Peter Beier is one of the greatest chocolateers in the world, and recommends anyone visiting Copenhagen visit their store for a handmade piece of heaven. Since I think chocolate is a food group, I kept thinking that Bjorn would ask me to marry him then, but he didn’t. With a big box of chocolate for later, we kept walking.

Our next stop was Fabio restaurant. This was an extremely nice restaurant. Fresh flowers and tea candles decorated the intimate space. The food was amazing, and the chef came out to confirm we were enjoying it. I kept thinking that Bjorn would ask me to marry me then, but he didn’t.

After dinner we caught a cab and went to a park called Faelledparken. Beside the park is the Danish National Stadium, and people covered the area. This confused me, as I am not much for sports, but Bjorn is, so I worried he would ask me there. Without knowing it I made a Marge Simpson grumble as I got out of the cab. Fortunately we weren’t there to enjoy a soccer match, and kept walking. I thought he was looking for a place to propose, but he didn’t!

We made our way to a stage surrounded by trees, hidden in the middle of the park. Since my Danish is limited, and does not include words such as right, left and sashay, it was a bit rocky. I don’t know if you can say we learned to dance the cha-cha-cha, but we had fun trying. I kept thinking that Bjorn would ask me to marry him then, but he didn’t.

We then walked out into the park. Bjorn said that he had a question to ask me. Being a bit bossy I pointed to the ground, but it was too late, he was already on one knee. Bjorn asked me to marry him, and I said, yes.