rotnest2.jpgHello again!!

I’m up late as I sit to get in one more writing before I leave for Sydney in three hours. A 5:45am flight did not seem too bad when I booked the flight; however, I forgot to calculate leaving for the airport two hours early, and I am now beginning to regret that decision …

Last weekend was another adventure-filled excursion. On Friday the 24th, Stewart and I caught a ferry bright and early, which took us to an island off the coast of Perth called Rottnest. You can see the island from the coastline, but it took roughly an hour and a half to get there by ferry with slow cruising through channels and a stop in Fremantle.

Once arriving on Rottnest Island, which does not have any private ownership, we met up with the rest of our crew and rented bikes (there are also no cars on the island besides a few maintenance vehicles and a bus). From there we embarked on a 10-mile exploration loop around the island.

We stopped at a few spots along the way and spent the majority of our afternoon on a completely deserted and white sandy beach. The beach was ours to enjoy, and we wasted no time in enjoying our time – for as soon as we left our bikes, we sprinted over the small sand dune and ran into the ocean. I have never been on a completely deserted beach before and neither have I seen sand so white. If you can’t tell, I’m already slightly nostalgic about the place : )

Anyway, the rest of the afternoon we leisurely rode our bikes to a few more beautiful bays before heading back to the campsite for a cookout. That night we built a fire on the beach (I had been waiting to do this for a long time). However, the rain came right after the park rangers, and we had to put out the fire and run for cover from the torrential downpour. Thankfully, Stewart and I had looked at the forecast and booked a hostel that night in anticipation of the rain. The campers abandoned the drenched campsite, and we had a few extra visitors that night.

In the morning, we went into “town” for breakfast and later went to spend a good part of the day at the beach we had enjoyed the previous day. However, the weather still did not want to cooperate with us. It rained off and on, and we left to go back to Perth on the 4 pm ferry. I hope to go back to Rottnest once more before I leave.

Sunday after church, I went to Fremantle with a few friends to visit one of the oldest cruise boats in the world, which was docked in Fremantle for a few weeks. The Doulos is older than the Titanic, and it is currently run by a Christian organization. The boat is staffed by about 350 people, all of whom are volunteers, including the captain. They travel all around the world hosting a book fair at each port they visit in addition to supporting the local churches and doing some evangelism.

I had actually met a few of the people who work on the boat at the beach earlier in the week, and they were gracious enough to give my friends and me a tour. Two of them even had the afternoon off and hadn’t really explored Perth yet. I enjoyed playing tour guide for the evening as I picked their brains about many of the experiences they have had travelling the world and sharing the Gospel.

The rest of the week, I hunkered down and did a lot of school work. Yes, we do end up doing school work here. My friends and I made a website for a final project in our Indigenous Issues class and I wrote/finished three papers – two of which were worth over 40 percent of my grade.

Well, I’m off to bed now for about two hours.
Not to sound like the end of a TV show or anything, but … stay tuned next week for an account of my trip to Sydney and up to the Great Barrier Reef.

Take care and God Bless.