An update from David on Outdoor Adventures’ March 1 trip:

It was a beautiful day with a small group of eager climbers – including Allison, Ashley and Jin-Chen – headed out from SMU for our favorite and closest crag, Mineral Wells State Park.

SMU OA staffers Chris, Danni, Nona and I went along for the ride.

We were fortunate to have only a few other groups of climbers to contend with at the park, so we had abundant opportunity to climb. Allison, Ashley and Jin-Chen all get thumbs-up for effort and tenacity, as we would have to literally peel them off the rock if we needed to move on or let someone else try.

Everyone experienced many successes and a few disappointments. But that is rock climbing. As one of my favorite movie quotes goes, “Sometimes you get the barr, sometimes the barr gets you.”

With such a small group and ample climbing, it wasn’t long before the group was pretty wiped. So we packed it up and headed back for SMU in time to rest, eat and enjoy the Saturday night festivities.