SMU-in-London 2008

This summer 48 SMU students are traveling to London to study communication courses, including international media, free speech, creative advertising, British cinema and the global civil society. Some students also are interning with international human rights organizations, including Amnesty International, Pants to Poverty, and Save the Children, to name a few.

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Working for child rights

Hendrika.JPGHendrika is a President’s Scholar and a Junior, double majoring in CCPA and marketing with a minor in art history. She is interning with Save the Children UK, assisting the Child Rights Information Network:

Save the Children works to transform common attitudes toward children and issues such as education, HIV and AIDS, hunger, child protection and child rights. The Child Rights Information Network (CRIN) works under Save the Children UK to assist more than 1,800 organizations in over 140 countries by disseminating information about the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

“All wars, just or unjust, are waged against the child.”
Eglantyne Jebb (Founder of Save the Children)

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