ashlee-rivalto-in-london.jpgAshlee is a senior CCPA major and art minor who is interning at the Offscreen Education Programme:

Ashlee-henge.jpgSo much to say…
London is amazing. The first week here was spent touring, figuring out the tube system and WALKING. We walked around Westminster Abbey and took pictures with Big Ben. Friday June 27 we traveled to Leeds Castle in Kent. The day at the castle was fun as we toured the castle itself, had tea and scones, walked through the beautiful gardens (with roses as big as your head), visited the aviary, and got lost in the hedge maze.

Saturday we headed to the Portobello market to do some shopping. The street was so lively and packed full of people, produce, fish, vintage clothing, antiques, and FUN! We spent the whole day shopping and exploring. Sunday we went to church at St. Paul’s Cathedral and then took a bus tour around London.

Week one of work went very well! I really enjoy working with such young and inspired people. I am working on the 2008 Student Expedition Evaluation. Basically, I interview everyone involved with the expedition from the students, to teachers, to sponsors, and staff. I evaluation pre-expedition press coverage and promotion, the expedition itself, sponsors and funding, and post-expedition activities.

I am also working with the Press Officer, Raheel, to gain media attention. I have been contacting newspapers all over the UK, sending press releases, and following up on previous contacts. Personally, I have contacted three newspapers that will be covering different days of the expedition, which I am very excited about! Right now I am working with them to figure out arrival times for photographers and things of that nature.

On Sunday the 2008 Expedition students arrived in London. I had a chance to meet them yesterday (Tuesday July 9). All of the students are bright, creative, and ready to conquer the UK! None of the students has ever been to the UK before, and some have never even left home. They have already done some pretty incredible things, such as work with UK students on presentations about their identity and country, visit Parliament and the debates, and last night they saw Billy Elliot. All the while they have been producing art in their journals.

Today they will be visiting St. Paul’s Cathedral. There they will work with the in-house artist on their own pieces using techniques such as egg tempura and gold leaf. The inspiration for the piece will come from the art and architecture of the Cathedral. This day is particularly interesting because none of the students has ever been inside a Christian place of worship. The students will learn a little bit about the ceremonies and beliefs of Christians as they explore St. Paul’s. To check out their adventure day by day go to!

Ashlee-theater.jpgAs far as MY UK adventure goes, I am having an absolute BLAST! I have seen Avenue Q (hilarious) and Les Miserables (amazing)! I went to the national portrait gallery, really cool pubs, and I have shopped till I dropped. London is so incredible. I cannot wait for the weeks to come! CHEERS!