Hendrika.JPGHendrika is a President’s Scholar and a Junior, double majoring in CCPA and marketing with a minor in art history. She is interning with Save the Children UK, assisting the Child Rights Information Network:

London1.jpgWe are now two weeks into the program and I can’t begin to explain all the wonderful things we have seen and experienced! From seeing the musicals Wicked and Jersey Boys, to TOUCHING Stonehenge. We have been blessed with gorgeous, warm weather … until today.

Seeing the many sights and being surrounded by locals at work has allowed me to see into the British culture and compare our lives with theirs. There are many similarities that may seem obvious, and then there are the differences that I am still struggling to understand.

London2.jpgThings such as different vocabulary and spelling affect me daily at work. When editing news releases and managing CRIN’s website, I have to be mindful of changing what I would consider proper or grammatically correct, into what they would consider correct.

Currently, I have been helping pick up the slack in the office due to two of the three people on staff leaving for “holiday.” This consists of returning emails, taking care of the website, and researching the thousands of organizations CRIN services. Though work occupies the majority of my day, I still manage to get out-and-about on the weekends.

London3.jpgThis past weekend we had the oppurtunity to visit Salisbury Cathedral, Stonehenge and Bath. How amazing it was to see a church that is 750 years old that has an original copy of the Magna Carta from 1215, as well as visit the baths that Romans and Jane Austen once bathed in!

As for this weekend, we are heading to Scotland – this I am looking forward to!

During all of this excitement, we are missing Helene, and we can’t wait to see her back in Dallas!

So long for now.