Kaitlin.jpgKatie is a senior CCPA major, with a minor in Spanish. She is working for the Centre for Capital Punishment Studies (CCPS). The NGO, founded in 1992 and located at the University of Westminster, takes on a multitude of activities within the field of death penalty and penal research, with the overall aim of informing and supporting governmental moves to replace capital punishment with more humane alternatives and to give support for families of homicide victims and the condemned.

I have done so many amazing things since I have been here. I have been too busy to even blog. I have been around London to see some of the sights, including a city bus tour, a Thames River boat tour, the Tower of London, Trafalgar Square, Portobello Market, Camden Market – and we saw a musical, The Jersey Boys.

I went to Wimbledon with some friends, and we actually got tickets to Court No. 1 to see the Williams sisters play doubles – and win, which was amazing. Wimbledon was quite the experience. I am not a tennis person, but I definitely do not regret going! It is something everyone has to do if you are ever in London during the championship.

Camden Market is one of my favorite places in London so far. I have never seen a street packed with so many small stands, stores and stuff. I found some amazing things and need to go back; I was there for hours and I still didn’t make it through the whole market. It seemed everywhere I turned there was another side street stuffed full of vendors with all sorts of things to sell – anything you could be looking for, someone had it.

So far, the best of all has been Scotland. This past weekend all of the SMU London students (minus a few) spent 3 days on a tour of Scotland. Yeah, it was 3 days on a bus, but there is no other way to see the Highlands – it was beautiful. The country is beautiful, the people are nice – it’s a great place to spend a few days, even if you have to stay in a hostel or two.

So here I am, back in London, with 3 more weeks to go. There are so many things I still want to do while I am abroad, and it seems like there is so little time! Work is great – I am working on funding and updating important contact lists.

Until next time …