Allison-Payton-Nicklin-sm.jpgAllison, a senior double major in CCPA and Economics, is interning with the Kenya-based NGO The Greenbelt Movement in London:

parliament.jpgWe arrived in London over three weeks ago and have spent our days sightseeing, traveling and experiencing all that the great city of London, and the entire United Kingdom, has to offer.

Walking through the middle of London, we have been captured by culture through the London Gay Pride Parade, Celebrations for Israel, outdoor markets, concerts in Hyde Park, visits to Parliament (photo right) and anti-war campouts.

scotland%20trip%20098-sm.jpgAnd leaving the crowded streets, just a train-ride away, are cupcakes at Hummingbirds, strawberries and cream at Wimbledon, and Haggis in Scotland (photo left).

Everything we do feels unbelievably and inextricably London. More and more frequently we are stopped for directions, asked which neighborhood we are from, the best places to eat, and the great plays to attend. By absorbing all the culture, music, scenery, and life London has offered us, many interns have adapted to life as locals.

Throughout my time here I have been Interning with the Green Belt Movement International (GBMI). Our offices are in Development House, which is a group office for so many other NGOs. To cut costs, we all share common areas, such as business rooms and conference areas, while each organization has desks and an office to claim as its own. It is amazing to watch all the energy and enthusiasm poured out by the individuals who occupy these desks. They have put all of their passion and efforts into different causes hoping to change the world.

I am lucky to be working in a global office. GBMI has offices in Kenya and Washington D.C. as well as London, which extends our message across three continents. The London office focuses primarily on Corporate Funding, so I have spent a lot of time researching, finding possible links among organizations, and hoping to draw more attention to GBMI’s movement.

Currently I have been developing the Climate Change portion of our website, which we hope moves part of GBM’s website toward a resource providing individuals with alternative ways to make a difference in the global fight against Climate Change.

john%20mayer.jpgThis weekend we plan to become tourists again, traveling to Hampton Court, Windsor Castle, The Tower of London, the Tate Modern and Harvey Nichols.