Katie%20Reynolds.JPGAn update from, Katie a University Scholar and senior CCPA major with a minor in psychology. She is working for an International Non-Governmental Organization called Mencap in London for six weeks this summer:

I have finally settled into London and am having a blast already! Since I got here on Tuesday, we have been going, going, going, and it’s been so fun. We’re staying at Regents’ College situated inside Regents’ Park in the Marylebone area.

london-phonebooth-300.jpgAfter getting settled on Tuesday, we spent all of Wednesday walking all around London, seeing Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, Trafalger Square, Covent Garden, among other places, and getting used to taking the Tube. We went to lunch at a pub called Chandor on St. Martin’s Lane, and had something called a Toastie, which was really just a simple grilled sandwich but was so good, and we already have plans to go back there soon.

We were introduced to a place that sells half-priced theater tickets on the day of the show, and we got cheap tickets to go see the musical Avenue Q. Four of us went to see it, and we were laughing the whole time – it was definitely politically incorrect but absolutely hilarious. I highly recommend it to anyone who is not easily offended but would love a good laugh.

westminster-group-400.jpgOn Thursday we went to see the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace, but we couldn’t see very much because we didn’t show up early and there were loads of people there. We did see some of the guard changing and marching everytime we got on our tip-toes. At one point we realized that the Royal Marching Band was playing pop music like “Thriller,” “All the Lonely People,” and the theme from Indiana Jones. We thought that was pretty funny.

In the afternoon, I met the people I’ll be working with at Mencap, and I can’t wait to start on Monday. It seems like it’s going to be an amazing place to work and a wonderful experience. I’ll have more to blog about my work when I start.

Thursday night we met up with some other girls from SMU, who are interning at Ketchum in London, at a bar called Belushi’s in Covent Garden and ended up at a Brazillian dance club that was so fun.

Friday, we took the train to Kent to visit Leeds Castle, which was a fun ride because we got to see the beautiful countryside outside of London. We toured all through the castle and learned all about the history. They had a gorgeous flower garden there with lots of flowers I’ve never seen before. We also went through the Aviary and took lots of pictures with the toucans and macaws. We finished the tour with their maze, and with a little help from one of the guides we finally made it through. At the end they have this beautiful grotto underground that you walk through to get out of the maze. It was a really great day trip.

So far I love London and can’t wait to start work on Monday. I’ll have more about my adventures in London soon.