SMU-in-London 2008

This summer 48 SMU students are traveling to London to study communication courses, including international media, free speech, creative advertising, British cinema and the global civil society. Some students also are interning with international human rights organizations, including Amnesty International, Pants to Poverty, and Save the Children, to name a few.

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Getting into the rhythm

Hendrika.JPGHendrika is a President’s Scholar and a junior, double majoring in CCPA and marketing with a minor in art history. She is interning with Save the Children UK, assisting the Child Rights Information Network:

henboat.jpgWe are now nearing the end of our fourth week, and we only have two more to go! I feel as though this has crept up on me just as I am getting the flow of our office and building relationships with my co-workers. These days I can sense which direction a tube stop is, anticipate the people I am going to see at the cafe I grab lunch at daily and confidently walk across a street without looking either way 5 times because of forgetting which side the traffic is on.

hen-group.jpgMy schedule has become routine … and while some days are long, the weeks seem short. Work occupies the majority of my time, as well as trying to fit in as many sights as possible. This past weekend I ventured over to Camden Market (sketchy, if you ask me), The Tate Museum (phenomenal) and The British Museum. The exhibits were wonderful and the quantity of history captured in one building is overwhelming! I even managed to make it over to Cambridge with another group on Monday to enjoy a day of punting down the Cam and having tea in an orchard.

hen-boat.jpg At the Save the Children office, I have been working to combine data on a spreadsheet for future reference and researching appropriate audiences to target for membership as well as possible grants. I have realized that the work experience I am gaining is priceless and that being able to work with an NGO has helped me to put my career outlook in perspective. Not to mention the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to intern with such an influential nonprofit in London!

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    1. Nina says:

      Sounds like you’ve made the most of your trip and your job, Hendrika. I’m not surprised. I know how hard you’re working.

      Helene and I enjoy reading everyone’s posts. We miss ya’ll.


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