Ashlee.jpg Ashlee is a senior CCPA major and art minor who is interning at the Offscreen Education Programme:

The Offscreen Education Programme is a foundation dedicated to building cultural bridges between youth in the Middle East and the United Kingdom through education, art, and inspiration. The organization has three main functions: distributing educational resources to over 1,000 secondary schools across the UK, coordinating and facilitating artists workshops in schools and museums throughout the UK, and running student art expeditions abroad.

The first Student Expedition took place in February 2007 when nine UK students traveled for 10 days to the northern part of the United Arab Emirates and the northeastern part of Oman. This July 8 students from Lebanon, UAE, Oman, and Bahrain have been chosen to travel through the UK.

With the help of the Offscreen website, the students will tell their story to schools across the Middle East and the UK. To learn more about the organization or to track the students’ adventures through the UK go to

“The aim of the project is to give students from the UK and middle east the chance to communicate and learn from each other in a positive and creative way. We are so used to seeing the middle east from western eyes and I think it will be exciting and deeply insightful to see how the middle east sees us through the eyes of a new generation.”

– Stephen Stapleton, Founder of Offscreen