evie-howard.jpgEvie is a senior CCPA major working at Global Witness. This non-governmental organization is working to break the links between natural resources, conflict and corruption.

I have now been here for two weeks. I cannot believe it has been two weeks. I feel like I have lived here for months. It is utterly beautiful, even when it rains. As annoying as it is, it cools off, so that is really nice.

Jackie-london%20eye.jpgWe are staying in Regents College, located in the heart of a beautiful garden. So far, we have done a lot. We have seen Parliament, seen a musical (Jersey Boys), done a boat and bus tour, went to Portobello and much more.

Jackie-trickbikes.jpgOn our off time, I have walked the Thames (which was probably my favorite day so far), seen Wicked (for the third time), and gone to Wimbledon. While walking the Thames, I found a skater park underneath a building. I got some great pictures there. On a Saturday, that is the place to be.

Every weekday I ride the tube from Baker Street to Kings Cross and change to go north on Northern Line to Archway to get to work at Global Witness.

The office is located right by the tube station, which is nice. I play musical desks and sit wherever they can fit me, but the people here are really nice. I sit on a computer and for the first few days just looked at pictures.

Global Witness is an NGO with offices in London and Washington, DC. For anyone who has seen the movie Blood Diamond with Leonardo DiCaprio, you have heard of Global Witness. We are an organization fighting for the end of the connection of natural resources and conflict. In countries such as Cambodia, Sierra Leone, and Ghana, natural resources like timber, diamonds, and oil are being exported out of the country, and the money coming in is either funding wars or staying within the government and corporations, leaving the people to suffer from malnutrition, be undereducated, and live a life with little purpose.

Global Witness adresses this issues and points out the truths behind them. The group wants to return the natural resources to the people and bring the money back to the country.

I am working in the developmental team, where we design and organize the annual reports, newsletters and documents for reports.

After I went through so many pictures, I moved on to find quotes to put in the annual report. I am now researching the involvement of other countries and the same issues we are fighting.

I am loving it, and it is making the time here feel like I belong.