Getting out of bed was a struggle this morning, but after my run and a quick breakfast, we checked out of our hotel and drove to the Institute of Strategic and International Studies (ISIS) Malaysia. It is considered the “think tank” of Malaysia. We spoke with some highly esteemed international officials about Malaysia’s current economic and political situation. They gave us a country profile and talked about the current GDP as well as the current issues the government is facing.

We ate lunch with a few of these researchers and analysts at the revolving KL tower restaurant. The restaurant was very nice, and the food was just as incredible. They offered a western style buffet as well as a Malaysian style buffet. The Malaysian food was great but a little too spicy for me. I tend to shrivel up if I get anything that spicy.

We went to the airport after, and thankfully we got there a couple hours before we had to board because we ran into trouble with our passports. Somehow we didn’t get visas so had to go to immigration to pay our way out of the dilemma. After a good 2 hours of waiting around trying to get that settled, we were released to race to our gate, where we just barely made it on time. Fortunately for us, the plane was practically empty, so we had lots of space to spread out for six hours.