Today wasn’t quite so busy, which was nice. When we arrived, we drove to the famous Tsingtao Brewery. While walking through the museum, we learned about some of the history of the company. Of the 600 breweries operating in China, Tsingtao has always been the largest and most prestigious of them all. Tsingtao is also the number one branded consumer product exported from China. I tried very hard to be interested but it was somewhat of a struggle 😉

So finally after that little bit of beer history, we went to the hotel, where Rachael and I immediately took off for a run and did a little exploring ourselves. We found this great pathway that stretched along the beach of a nearby bay. I have noticed a trend while running here. Everywhere we run people don’t move out of the way – in fact they stand in the same place and stare at you without blinking an eye. If we could have a staring contest they would win hands down.

Afterward we walked to dinner and once again had some more Chinese food. There are so many options when it comes to our “buffet banquets.” You get to choose between deep fried tomatoes, deep fried bacon, deep fried dough, deep fried green beans, deep fried fish, deep fried chicken, deep fried eggplant, etc, … yes you get the idea – so many deep fried options.