heavy-bags-sm.jpgAfter three weeks of non-stop traveling, and very heavy bags to pack around, it felt good to finally catch up on much-needed rest this morning.

Ian picked us up around noon for lunch at a nearby cafe. Our hotel is centrally located, which makes getting anywhere really easy. Taxis are quite expensive, so we may end up just renting bikes for the next three weeks and using that as our primary means of transportation.

Cottsloe-Beach-sm.jpg After lunch Ian took us around Perth and Fremantle. We toured the city and saw different sites. We visited the memorial site where many Australian soldiers were honored for their effort during WWI. We drove around Swan river where we saw Yaught Club and on our way to Fremantle we saw John Curtin’s old home. He was the Australian Prime minister from 1931 to 1945. We stopped at Cottsloe beach (photo right) along the way.

Unfortunately it’s their winter here so no sun-bathing on the beach for us. The weather is pleasant, though, and very refreshing since coming from the extreme heat we experienced in Shanghai. We stopped at the “Little Creature’s” pub to try some homemade Australian brewed beer. Unfortunately for me though, it all tastes the same 😉

After that we drove to Curtin University, where we walked around some of the campus and met Ian’s wife at a cocktail party to commemorate her previous job position at the University.

This evening we ran to Kings Park to run around Swan River. Ricky, aka our “substitute coach,” rented a bike and came along with us, which was really cool. It was so refreshing to run in the cool air. After a long time of hot/humid weather, sneaking into hotels and dodging Tai-Chi’ers, we were ready for a change of pace.

It’s only been a day and I can seriously say I love it here. The people are so chill. When we went to the bike shop, the guy was so friendly and laid back that he hardly even took down any contact information from Ricky regarding the rental. He just told us stories and cracked some jokes. It’s a pretty relaxed atmosphere here.