I woke up and went for a morning run in the park for my last time in Shanghai. However, this morning was much hotter than normal. Tash ran with me to the park. While I ran around for about an hour, she participated in Tai Chi.

While running, I thought it was interesting to find groups of people practicing their English. Some were singing the alphabet, while others were counting with a funny tune. It was comical because the teacher had a stick in his hand as if he was directing a choir.

Also while I was running, Tash was being fought over by a couple of old men who took turns trying to dance with her. It was cute. So after running through wads of tai chi’ers, Tash and I finally headed back. I felt like I was getting dizzy spells, though, due to it being so hot. Little did I know, I had been running in 110 degree weather. Thankfully this was the last run in that climate.

For those of you who know what I am talking about, running in this heat was ten times worse than doing 1k repeats on the track when it’s 100 degrees outside. I had to take a 10-minute cold shower just to try to cool myself down; even then my face was still beat red.

Off to Malaysia
Rach and I walked around town for the last time. Then we took of for the airport. This time we traveled by train; not just any train, though. This was high speed, which reached almost 280 mi/hr. What would have taken us over an hour, got us there in only 15 minutes. Ya, I think we need more of those.

We arrived in Malaysia around midnight. After getting to the hotel, we went out for some food because we hadn’t eaten anything for a while. The nightlife is incredible here! The city was hopping! There were so many people walking around everywhere. Many people from India come to Malaysia for vacation, and apparently this was that time period. It was also different to find that so many people spoke English here; that made it easy getting around.