Sierralooking%20at%20Twin%20Towers.jpgAfter an early morning run on the treadmill, I hurried to get breakfast before we left for the Petronas Twin towers, the tallest twin towers in the world. It was especially cool because we got to go to the 45th floor to walk the sky bridge, the longest double-decker sky bridge in the world. Not many people get to do this because apparently it is really difficult to get tickets. Our guide, Muhamed, was very helpful. He actually stood in line at 5:30am this morning waiting to get us a spot to go up. We were most grateful.

We then left and went back to the hotel, where we had a few hours of free time. So a few of us, Ricky, Dan, Tash, Rach, and I, all thought it would be fun to go “four- wheeling” at a park we heard about. So Muhamed took us to this “eXtreme” park, as they call it. After buying tickets to enter the park, we were directed to the four wheeling area.

On the way, we started wondering if we were at the right park because there were a million and one kids running around, and nothing we saw seemed too “extreme.” When we got to the area and saw what we had paid for, everything went downhill from there. First they had us put on hairnets to wear under our hardcore helmets, then we got on these little one-speed dirt bikes. On top of that we were given a guide we were told to follow.

After lining up in single file we trailed behind our guide as fast as we could go. Little did we know that we had signed up for the “scenic” ages 2 to 5 drive. The odd thing about this scenic drive was that there was no scenery. We literally drove in a circle of about 200meters 2x, which gave us a grand total of about 3 minutes max. Anytime we tried racing each other we would get yelled at.

So after follow the leader, we decided to go do some “eXtreme” paint balling. That was just about as “extreme” as the four wheeling experience. The objective was to hit a stick target 15 meters in front of you. Our thrill-seeking adventure was coming to a close, and we had another hour to burn before our guide picked us up. We were going to go rock climbing, but the wall was nearly shorter than Rachael – in other words, it’s about three foot tall.

The guys went on probably the only remotely cool thing in the park – a rickety old sling-shot bungee device. The guy actually had to give it a few kicks to get it started. Yeah, the park was nothing like we expected, and I think they should change the name so that “eXtreme” is not included.

That evening we went out to the open-air Sky Bar near our hotel for some cocktails and to celebrate our last night out in Malaysia. The view was incredible, and even more amazing was the view we had of the towers all lit up!