Sierra in Asia

Sierra, a senior majoring in marketing and member of SMU’s Cross Country and Track and Field teams, is participating this summer in SMU-in-Australia-and-Asia. The group will spend three weeks traveling in China to cities including Shanghai and Beijing, and then will spend three weeks in Western Australia.

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Day at “Uni”

Today we didn’t do too much. The highlight of my day was finding someone to fix my computer. Chris was nice enough to take me to the computer store in the morning so that I could finally get my screen fixed. In the meantime, Ricky and Rach have been very generous to let me use their computers. On that note, I have found that everything is very expensive here. It’s quite a step up in prices, especially compared to everywhere we have been traveling.

We spent most of the day at the University finishing up our final assessment for Asia, and then got a stack of books from Ian to assist us in our next project while here in Australia. This section of our studies will be focused on leadership. Ricky, Rachael, and I will be consultants who will be responsible for creating a leadership program for future Chinese leaders. This program will be sponsored by KPMG. We will spend the next couple days studying this topic of leadership, and then combine our notes with one another to present to Ian on Monday. This afternoon we attended a presentation on the John Curtin Leadership program.

We got back to the hotel late, and Rach and I still had to run so we took off at about 7. Seeing that it’s their winter here, it gets dark much earlier. Fortunately we had Ricky to bike along with us because I am not sure we could have done it otherwise. Aside from that, he also helps keep us in check when we are running on the wrong side of the path – I’ve had a couple close calls; or when people are in front of us, he just rings his little bike bell, and everyone clears out of our way. Yeah, I’d say we have a pretty good system worked out.

Tomorrow, we will be meeting up with 40 other American students who will be attending Curtin for the fall semester.

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