Sierra0P7220032-sm.jpgGetting to Scarborough Beach was a story in itself.

We were meeting a group of the other Americans there. I think the three of us spend more time going the wrong direction on trains and buses than we do the right way. After two weeks of this system, we still don???t seem to have it mastered. So of course this time we ended up getting on the wrong bus to end up exactly where we began our venture an hour earlier. So we spend a fair amount of time laughing at ourselves. On a bright note, though, I guess we got to see more of the city.

Sierra-surf_30400524_560.jpgScarborough Beach is known for being one of the best white sand surf beaches in the world. So it was quite tempting to go surfing; however, due to the “winter” weather conditions, some of us settled for relaxing on the beach and watching a couple of the guys make attempts at surfing while a few of the others got creative and played some shoe ball on the beach.

There was a great pathway that ran along the coast, so of course Rach and I grabbed our “joggers” and took off for run. After a little photo shoot action on this beautiful beach, Ricky, Rach and I went back to our hotel and ate out at a very popular pizza place called Il Padrino’s. Lucky for us, pizzas were half price that night!