TaiChi-1-sm.jpgTai Chi is very popular here, and so we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to go try it ourselves. Our morning was free so we woke up very early and caught a cab to a famous park nearby. We had many different types of groups to join, some being fast while others being slow.

We warmed up with the slower stuff and casually stepped in hoping no one would notice. With our foreign demeanor though, that was entirely impossible. We had a great time laughing at ourselves. I think the locals enjoyed it more because our amazing moves started to draw a crowd. First they would laugh at us, then give us a smile as if to say, “you need help.”

TaiChi-Sierra-sm.jpgSeeing that I like to move around so much, I think learning Tai Chi was good therapy. It’s challenging because you’re moving in slow motion for 15 minutes straight while having to maintain complete control of your muscles the entire time. Ricky and Tash got a thumbs up … but I think only because they have blue eyes. Haha – I am just kidding, they were good. But the people here do seem to gravitate toward anyone with blonde hair and/or blue eyes so maybe that gives them some advantage 😉

Finally, after we made fools of ourselves, a few of the “pro’s” stepped in to offer us some pointers. They were all so eager to help us; which certainly made for a great time this morning.

After a couple hours of practicing our very “strenuous” Tai Chi moves, we went back to the hotel and started working on our final case study we will be presenting in a couple days.

For lunch, Chris and I went on a hunt for food. Finding anything not Chinese was a bit of a challenge however. I never thought I would stoop this low, but we eventually just settled for McDonald’s. After that, I think I realized Chinese was better.

At 4 we went to the T.V. tower; the third tallest building in the world. If there wasn’t so much smog that evening, I think the view would have been incredible. However, it was cool being on the 265th floor!

That evening we had a change of pace as we went to a great Brazilian barbecue. Afterward, Rach and I went for a run and then called it a day.