I have been in India for over a month. While I haven’t recently updated my travel blog, I have been taking pictures and keeping a travel journal.

Michael_2904.jpg Left: We took classes at MICA (Mudra Institute of Communications in Ahmedabad) and explored the city of Ahmedabad for the first 20 days of our trip. Our classes focused on advertising, marketing and the rapidly changing Indian market.

Michael_2995.jpg Right: Here is my plate at a Gujarati (Indian food from a certain state) restaurant in Ahmedabad. This organization of food is very common – the separate dishes on the outside with breads on the inside.

Michael_3038.jpgMichael_3082.jpgLeft and right: There are a few local villages near the MICA campus, so on our trips to and from campus, these are ordinary sights.

Michael_3131.jpg Left: Our first interaction with local village people occurred when we visited the Sun Temple at Modhera. We felt like celebrities – local visitors approached us and asked if we would take pictures with them. Initially, they thought the pictures could be printed instantly. After the concept of digital photography was explained, they gave us an address so we could send them copies.

Mailing addresses are interesting in India – many involve landmarks of a town or village. For example, an address might read: On a specific street, next to the school, opposite the shopping center, in a specific town or village. I hope the pictures make it to them.

Michael-1375.jpgRight: This is a group picture in the step well adjacent to the Sun Temple at Modhera.

Michael_3581.jpgLeft: In Ahmedabad, we visited Gandhi’s Ashram on the Sabarmati River. He lived and worked here for more than a decade during the Indian independence movement. In this picture, I am learning how to spin thread from cotton in the house where Gandhi once lived.

Michael_3735.jpgRight: This is a picture from the Sunday Market in the old city section of Ahmedabad. There were tons of people and the market was flooded because of the monsoons.