Michael, who is now participating in SMU-in-Spain, sends a few final thoughts and photos about his summer with SMU-in-India:

IMG_3915_2.jpg Left: After leaving the Mumbai airport, we had our first experience with Indian traffic. We were stuck in this mess for a few hours.

IMG_3946_2.jpg Right: During our stay in Mumbai, our hotel was a short walk from this view of the Arabian Sea.

IMG_4128_2.jpgLeft: During the study program, we went on a number of industry visits including an ad agency, marketing and research firms, television broadcasting stations, and more. This is a picture from the Mudra advertising agency in Mumbai.

IMG_4359_2.jpgRight: During the last two weeks of our trip, we traveled around India.

Our first stop was Jaipur. This area of India is full of old palaces and forts. One night at our hotel, a group of traditional Indian dancers put on a show for us.

IMG_4450_2.jpgIMG_4477_2.jpgHere are two group pictures from the Amber (or Amer) Fort in Jaipur. The fort complex was very ornate and was situated on top of a mountain.

IMG_4608_2.jpgLeft: In Jaipur, we rode elephants and camels. While we rode these animals for fun, many Indians use them in their daily lives.

IMG_5003_2.jpgRight: Visiting the Taj Mahal was a surreal experience. The beautiful structure is full of detail and has a romantic story. After visiting the Taj, I can easily understand why it’s considered one of the seven wonders of the modern world.

IMG_5311_2.jpgLeft: On our last day in India, we visited the Baha’i Temple in New Delhi. By the last day, I was very comfortable in the traditional Indian attire. In this picture, I am wearing a kurta pajama.