After traveling for two days, we took a 5 am flight out of Bombay, or Mumbai, and finally landed in our final destination of Ahmedabad, located in the state of Gujarat. After arriving in Ahmedabad, we were picked up by a bus and taken to the MICA (Mudra Institute of Communications Ahmedabad) campus.

Before coming to India, I had heard and read that in India people live in three different centuries at the same time. While I never actually believed this, after the bus ride to the MICA campus, I began to see truth in this idea I once doubted.

They say that for everything that is said about India, the exact opposite can also be said. Even though I have only been here a short time and really haven’t had the chance to see much, this statement seems to be eerily true.

It’s monsoon season in India so it’s extremely humid and pretty hot too. Many of the roads are covered in water, yet this doesn’t seem to slow people down. In attempting to combat the not-so-pleasant weather, people in India use their air conditioning aggressively – at times it can get pretty chilly. Even though the weather is less than desirable at times, the campus is beautiful and exotic.

welcome-to-india-400.jpgWhen we arrived at the MICA campus, we were greeted by a group of students. They gave each one of us a bouquet of flowers and a red mark on our foreheads. While it’s the first time anyone has ever given me flowers, it was a very unique and special way of welcoming our group into the MICA community.