castle.jpgHello again!

Wartburg castle was beautiful. The hike up all of the stairs was made out to be a much more exhausting experience than it actually was. We are all getting in very good shape by walking all over the place. It’s great!

luther.jpgWe had a tour of the interior of the castle, and it was amazing to find out how much went on there. My favorite part was seeing the room where Martin Luther translated the Bible into German (photo right). It was a very tiny room, and it’s such an experience to actually see where it happened. I felt like all of the things that I learned about in classes finally came full circle.

The Bachhaus was interesting, but was made into more of a museum than an actual tour of “his house.” It has apparently since been discovered that his house was probably not at that location. Nonetheless, the museum was still very interesting and had a large section devoted to the instruments of Bach’s time.

I have to mention that on the bus to Eisenach, the town where Wartburg castle and the Bachhaus can be found, we were on the Autobahn. Cars were flying by us in the left lane, and it was really exciting for much of the group, since we have all heard about the autobahn and the lack of a speed limit.

This weekend is one of our “free weekends” and a group of us are going to Prague. It should be quite an adventure!