We survived Prague!

After an eventful weekend that involved two members of our group getting lost by attempting to switch trains at the wrong station and the rest of the group meeting amazing people who helped us find where we were staying; it was great!

Our hostel was nice, but it was on the outskirts of town. A series of fortunate events allowed all of us to learn where to find ATM machines, how to use the metro/tram system, and how to find our hostel. We were extremely lucky that we met nice people who spoke English, because Czech is nothing like English or German.

Upon waking up on Saturday morning and taking the train into the city, we discovered the gem that is Prague. The architecture is simply breathtaking. Several of us fell in love with Prague and were so sad that we had to leave on Sunday night. Although the city is known for its pickpockets and scams, we all made it out without a problem.

prague2.jpgThere are too many sights to see in one weekend, but we took our time and enjoyed getting to know the city. My favorite site was the St. Vitus Cathedral within Prague Castle (photo right). This cathedral houses ancient tombs of local saints and kings and had the most beautiful stained glass windows that I have ever seen. Another powerful sight is the Jewish Quarter, which has a cemetery and several synagogues and has much insight to the treatment of the Jews within that ghetto. It was very sad and hard to stomach how terribly the people were treated, but I think it’s good to go and let it serve as a reminder of the past. The other “must see” of Prague is the astronomical clock that puts on a little show most hours of the day.

Aside from shopping and seeing sights, we spent hours sitting at cafes and enjoying our food and the atmosphere. At night, we made our way to the famous Charles Bridge and listened to live music and watched the sun set on the beautiful Vltava River. I still miss Prague and can’t wait to go back and see even more of the city.