My time at Our Friends’ Place so far has been amazing! Everyone at OFP has been so good to me, taking me in as an intern volunteer for Summer 2008.

OFP is a small nonprofit organization that is run by only a handful of individuals. Although OFP is a small organization, they have HUGE heart. The work these individuals do for abused and neglected girls and young women is nothing short of amazing. I am truly so very impressed with everyone at OFP and the work that they do.

The exciting part for me is that, thanks to the Maguire Foundation, I have been given the opportunity to become a part of this meaningful work! So far I have been participating with OFP’s Program Director and Clinical Director with case management duties, such as intakes and treatment planning. My goal in volunteering for OFP is to assist a company or organization that is dedicated to the community and helping individuals and families within our community here in Dallas.

Fortunately, I am volunteering in an environment that will allow me to develop skills that are important to me and my area of study, counseling. So, while giving my time and energy to those at OFP, I am also trying to take in as much as possible. Not only is this a valuable experience of assisting and helping others, for me, this is also a valuable learning experience.

In the weeks ahead, I will be working more directly with the girls. With respect to confidentiality, I will not be sharing any personal information about these girls with you, however, I am looking forward to sharing positive and exciting experiences with you regarding fun activities and events that I will be assisting with and participating in!