Right now, I am in mid-flight to Frankfurt, flying somewhere near Quebec. While I am flying, crammed into a small space with several hundred other people, I am left with ample time to reflect upon this trip, my personal reasons for going and all of the things I am going to experience in the upcoming week.

However, while I am undoubtedly going to bear witness to the sites of countless atrocities, I must remind myself not to lose sight of the current state of human rights in the United States, or rather, the world.

Just because millions died under the Nazi party’s rule doesn’t make anyone immune from the possibility of it happening again. The current states of Darfur, Nairobi, Cambodia and Iraq should be sufficient proof of that. All over the world we are facing a critical time in the development of human rights.

I also must remind myself as I walk through hallowed buildings, sites of executions and cemeteries that we are not any better than we were during the 1940s, nor will we ever be until we all embrace the idea that encompasses all human rights – there is no such thing as a lesser person.