We landed safely today in Frankfurt around 6:45 AM. We were all exhausted, but glad to be off the plane. Even though we flew into Frankfurt, our final destination for the day was Prague, which is about a 4-1/2 hour drive from Frankfurt.

On our way to Prague, we made a stop in Nuremberg at the Nazi Party Rally Ground. The site has a new, huge museum and is for the most part preserved. The museum was beautiful – it was modern and was built as an addition to the Congress Hall that Adolf Hitler was in the process of building for the Nazi party. The museum chronicled the Nazis’ rise to power and ended with their eventual demise during the trials of Nuremburg.

PRAGUE%2047.jpgSo much of this area was very well-preserved, which made some of us feel uncomfortable. How can life go on normally when you are living less than a mile away from the very spot where Hitler rallied thousands of hate-filled people? A few of us went up on the very platform where Hitler stood on the Zeppelin Field (photo at left) and looked onto what are now soccer fields, but once, a place where thousands of adoring people cheered. The experience provoked something I’ve never felt within myself and likely won’t ever again. It was an experience that was literally physically distressing for me and several others.

We arrived safely in Prague early in the afternoon and after a nice rest, had a good dinner at a local restaurant. Our hotel is just across the river from the downtown area, so after dinner, I took the subway into the main part of town. Prague is gorgeous – I can’t wait to see more of it.