lead1.JPGWow! What an experience of a lifetime. I just finished my junior year, but it was my first year at SMU. We spent six days learning about the core values of leadership, but I felt like I walked away from this conference knowing more about myself and the people around me.

lead2.JPGThis leadership conference really helped me begin to develop a sense of community with other students on campus. Not to mention having the opportunity to meet other students from DCCCD and UTA!

This experience helped me to really dig deep into the things that I value and things that I wish to change about myself. We had sessions where we met as a whole group (50+ students) and then we had sessions where we broke away into family clusters. The family clusters gave us the opportunity to share a little more about ourselves and our lives in a more intimate setting. I learned so much from the people in my family cluster; it was incredible.

lead3.JPGI had no idea that I was going to learn so much in such a short time! Not only were we able to learn different values and aspects of leadership, but we formed friendships that will last a lifetime.

We’ve only been back from LeaderShape for just over two weeks, and we’ve already had a get-together with those of us who are in the DFW area for the summer. We all meet for bowling this past Friday in Addison.

The people I met at LeaderShape gave such a lasting impression of inspiration to achieve what I want to. It’s nice to realize that I was surrounded by people who possess a true passion for making a difference in the world and in the future.

I would highly encourage anyone who is contemplating going to go for it! I learned/took away more than I could have ever imagined. It was such a wonderful opportunity.