After getting through orientation on Monday, we have now been given our laptops, phones, access cards, monitor, ect. Our workday typically begins around 9:30 am and ends after 6 pm so that we are able to work with teammates in other time zones.

I spent several hours this morning and afternoon familiarizing myself with my team’s functionality. Within the next 24 hours I will be provided access to GUI and can begin some data conversion/analysis. It is remarkable how young the employees are here. In fact, nearly everyone here is between 20 and 30, and most have received degrees from universities specializing in computer science/engineering.

Last night Sabre had “Happy Hour” to support the Polish soccer team in its game against Croatia. Food was catered so many of the employees stayed after work to have dinner and drinks. The Polish team lost, which made most of the employees quite upset. I will have updates and pictures later this week. Do Widzenia.