I checked my email this morning to find a note from my manager. She told me that the work I did from my first assignment “won over all the offices.” She asked me to write a tutorial so the offices in Bangalore and Montevideo can adopt my method of data import and analysis.

It was a great feeling to know that the work I had done will be helping out not just the team I work with, but all the teams working with data. Getting recognition for my work is a motivator to work hard and never give up even the most challenging of assignments.

With only a week left, I am not ready to leave at all. I spent my last weekend in Paris and had a blast. I met up with other SMU students who were studying in Italy for the summer and hung out in the city. After my last day of work, I will be heading to London to say hello to some aunts and uncles and pay a visit to some popular clubs in town.