Jon in Poland

Jon is a sophomore majoring in economics and engineering management, information and systems from Springfield, Mo. This summer he has an internship in Krakow, Poland, as a business analyst for Sabre.

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First month on the job

Managers and directors from Dallas are visiting the Krakow office for a few days. The president of Sabre met with the interns to get an update on our progress and to make sure that we were enjoying the work here. This morning he delivered a speech at a local university, and nearly everyone from the office took buses to watch his presentation.

In a few minutes I will meet with our new manager to discuss my work accomplishments for the first month. I have prepared documentation and printed out screen shots of the work that I have done, as well as the reports I have written on my findings.

This company is likely going to change shape in the future, as growth in other regions of the world has shifted Sabre’s focus.

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