It is Monday morning and the beginning of my second week of work. Last week EDS approved access to the GUI and green screen, and I have been working hard.

Each day, Sabre receives statistical reports, which must be imported and analyzed daily. The data, which come in .csv format (comma separated value), must be updated into spreadsheets that interpret the data. In the past, in order to update the reports, the business analysts had to open each file (hundreds), convert the file-type, cut and paste the data, rewrite the formulas, then copy all the raw data to another spreadsheet and have it subtotaled. My task was to automate this process.

After two days of hard work and debugging, I completed my first assignment. I created a spreadsheet application that imports the daily reports and automatically updates and analyzes the data. What previously took several steps is now automated and has new features, enhancing the ways that data can be interpreted.

Tomorrow at 4 pm (9 am at the headquarters) I will demo the app via conference call to Dallas to show the BA’s how it works and answer any questions they may have.