I started analyzing the data from the reports discussed in my last post. I will be spending the next few weeks looking for trends and writing a report about my findings. This is more difficult than my first assignment because I don’t have a specific goal I’m working to achieve, but rather, I am trying to identify new patterns and trends that have not already been discovered by the BA’s. I am starting to work with new tools that help me make sense of all the statistics, which will take me a couple more days to get used to.

Overall, I am really happy with the team I work with; they won an award for being the most efficient team and meeting their deadlines last month. To commend their work, the company bought us a cake, and we took our last hour of work off on Tuesday to celebrate. I made a toast to the team, sarcastically explaining, “I’m sure you guys already know that you wouldn’t have won without me, but there is no need to thank me … you’re all welcome.” Despite being hard workers, everyone has a sense of humor and we are always joking with each other. I could not have asked for better teammates to work with.

This weekend I will pay a visit to the salt mines and go hiking/camping in the mountains about an hour away. They are both a must-see in Poland, so I’m looking forward to tonight when I make my departure from the city.