Brit2.jpgToday, Alex, Cathy, and I went down to help out the British group in the trench that they have opened down the hill from us. Louisa, Phil, Nathan and Freya are here for three weeks to excavate a trench. Today, we were working on taking out the second layer of strata.

Brit3.jpgFreya has opened another very small trench and is excavating about one and a half meters down. Today she uncovered quite a bit of pottery as well as a spindle whorl! The spindle whorl was used to spin thread from wool. This one is unique because it was decorated with carvings.

It was very exciting to hold this bit of history in my hand! This is the first artifact that I have gotten to see come out of the trenches … hopefully more to come!

Maybe tomorrow I won’t have to be a shoveling workhorse … we shall see!