Sienna6.jpgAnd now I have walked it forever!! Leigh, Mindy, and I walked the entire city today!

We walked all of the winding roads to the city walls on all the sides. We went through all of the different Contrada, where everyone was festive and cheering for their team and having parties in the streets!

We saw them do the flag throwing and someone from the Snail Contrada almost impaled Mindy and me with the flag! It was so cool!

Sienna4.jpgThe culture is all about the horse races on Wednesday! Each neighborhood ran through the streets with their horse singing their songs, and everyone was wearing shirts and scarves and flags supporting their Contrada!

Sienna7.jpgIn the morning, they did the horse selection where they draw straws to see which Contrada gets which horse for the races. We weren’t able to get into the packed Campo, so we watched through peoples’ butts, haha!

Then they did 6 trial races and two of the jockeys were dismounted! The horses can win even without a jockey.

The town was buzzing all day long with the excitement of the festival and it was such a blast to be a part of it!! Now we are headed back home to Vigna … I wonder how everyone else’s weekend was.