Today, in the trench, we worked on taking back stratum 2, which is the first archaeological layer we have seen. It is a loosely packed layer and doesn’t have much of anything in it besides bits of coarse ware pottery and tile.

What is really interesting about this layer is that no one knows for sure where it came from. There are three possibilities that have been discussed: it could be decaying mud-brick from the destroyed temple, a fill layer that was meant to purposefully cover the temple after destruction, or, least likely, it could be from erosion. There are flaws with each of these hypotheses, though, and we will have to keep looking at this layer to figure it out.

I also fell on my face running up the hill in front of a bunch of Italian high school students who were touring the sight … but mostly only my pride was hurt!

We had delicious dinner tonight! I ate at Guardia, the house across the vineyard, and we had the most amazing ribs and pasta and veggies – Yummy!