Today we got our trench assignments, and Alex F, Matt, Joanna, Jen, Lui-jian, and I have been assigned to Dr. Vander Poppen (VP)’s trench. They decided to open another trench this season, PC 36, and that is the one that I will be working on for the rest of the season here at Poggia Colla. Our trench is on the east side of the site and has fully excavated trenches on all four sides. They think that the rest of the bronze deposit will be found in this trench!! That would be wicked cool!

So far today, we were mostly just removing the humus layer of soil to get down to the first archaeological layer. Lots of work, but at least we are in the shade!

It was nice to be back and to hear about everyone’s weekend travels. I am super tired from traveling and working … so off to bed!