Today, I was assigned to work with Jon Von Tol in the lab. He is the one who interprets the coring data as well as the data from excavation and inputs it all into the GIS map to give a view of the overall site and everywhere that human habitation has been.

It is an amazing technology and gives a comprehensive view of the entire mountain and can link in to show sight lines to other Etruscan sites! I worked on inputing the data from the corings that we had done into a giant database that links into the GIS.

jess-map.pngAfter it was all inputted, Jon showed me what he does to make a map, and we made one (see left) of the area that I had cored last week with Thijs and Kyle. It shows exactly where we found habitation layers as well as what the elevation and terracing were like in the inhabited areas to give a better idea of where the Etruscans built. It was really, really cool to see this technology at work!