Jess-fireworks.pngRimini is a cute little beach town that has an annual friendship festival called La Notte Rosa. The entire town is lit up in pink lights, and they do fireworks and have concerts and it is a huge party.

Jess-stilts.pngWe got in Saturday night and met up for dinner … delicious! From our dinner table, we watched the fireworks show and saw people on stilts parading throught the streets.

Then we went out to all of the clubs and discotheques – So much fun! The culture for parties here is so different than in the States, and everyone stays out until morning.

We took the first train back in the morning at 8am, hoping to get back before the train strike, but the strike ended up starting when we were only 10 miles from Vicchio. The train stopped in Borgo San Lorenzo at 11, and we were stranded until 2pm until our house-mom Leah came and picked us up … long day! We are the only ones back at the house right now, and hopefully no one else gets stranded!