Jessica in Italy

Jessica is a senior marketing major, with a minor in art history, who leaves in June for an archaeological dig outside of Vicchio, in the Mugello Valley, as part of SMU-in-Italy: Archaeology. The site is an Etruscan settlement that has been being excavated for about 12 years.

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July 4 in Italy with Dutchmen and Brits!

We spent today in the trench pulling back the rest of stratum 2 to reveal the layer below, which has many more inclusions and seems like it will be a much more interesting layer, find-wise.

After work today most of the students left to go on travels, but 6 of us stayed behind to have a Fourth of July party with the staff. We had another fabulous dinner and then ice cream cake.

I am leaving first thing in the morning for Bologna, where I will meet up with Joanna, Kyle, Isa, Cathy, Anna, and Christy to tour the city! Tomorrow night I head to Rimini for La Notte Rosa with Matt and Mindy! I can’t wait!!

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