Dig1.jpgToday, at the site, we spent the day preparing the trenches for the start of the dig season. This included cleaning up the new trenches for photographs and taking out the backfill layer on the reopened trench.

I spent the first few hours sweeping dirt and clipping roots in PC33 so that they can take the initial pictures. The pictures will help with contextual issues so that they will know where the disturbances are, such as tree trunks that might have disturbed the context of the features below. They also give exact visual representation of what the trench looked like in every stage much better than a drawing.

Dig2.jpgAfter that, we started to remove the backfill dirt from the previously opened trench, which meant a lot of pick axing and shoveling. I can now officially be a landscaper with my mad shoveling skills!

Lasagna for dinner … delicious!! Manual labor is exhausting though!