A team of researchers lead by Paleobotanist Bonnie Jacobs and Sedimentologist Neil Tabor, both of SMU, returned to northwestern Ethiopia in late December 2007 to collect additional plant fossils and gain a more thorough understanding of their geological context. The team also included Dan Danehy, an SMU Master’s Degree student in the Department of Earth Sciences; Harvey Herr, an undergraduate in the Department of Earth Sciences; John Kappelman with the Department of Anthropology at the University of Texas; Ellen Currano, a Ph.D. student from Penn State University; and Alemu Yenehun, a graduate of Mekelle University, Ethiopia.

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Alemu Yenehun: Hiking into the site

I am Alemu Yenehun graduated from Mekelle University, Ethiopia, and now working at the university.

Currently,starting from 31.12.2007 (December 31, 2007). I am in the field at Chilga, Ethiopia, in the project lead by your university professor in paleobotany and paleo-ecology, Bonnie Jacobs.

We have many plant leaf fossils around a river in southeast of the area. Actually, we came across some horizons without any leaf fossil. But the bed with them has many and different varities with of course differing in damage type by insects.

I visited Bonnie’s previous sites of taking leaf fossils and I got a lot of new things from her work. I understood the area was covered with dense forest. The problem is the inaccessibility of the area . We actually walked on foot for about 30-60 minutes carrying many things, including our lunch.

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