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Erica, a sophomore advertising major, is getting ready for Mane Event, a campus-wide carnival in celebration of the end of classes that takes place on April 25 from 3 to 7 p.m. As Campus Event chair for Student Foundation, she has spent the spring semester leading her committee in putting together all of the various aspects of Mane Event, from inflatable activities to pie-throwing contests to decorating Hughes-Trigg.

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Turning SMU’s clock back to 1950

Grease lightning will hit SMU in exactly one week! I am getting excited.

Sunday starts all of the craziness of planning and decorating Hughes-Trigg and the commons. To decorate for SF events, we hold PR workdays where our general members help us out in making and hanging the decorations. Along with my decorations chair, we have made a long list of all of the things we need to build and craft to turn SMU into 1950, including a jukebox for the stage and a giant malt for the food diner. There are going to be lots of balloons and lots of glitter.

The best part about planning Mane Event is that even the students that have not seen our huge ad in the Daily Campus or joined our Facebook group will walk out of class on Friday afternoon and be amazed by the carnival in front of them. My goal is to be sitting in class the following Monday and hear some random person talking about how awesome Mane Event was.

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