An update from Mane Event Decorations Chair Nicola:

Nicola.joeg.jpg As a member of SF, specifically as a committee member for Special Events, I have been involved in planning almost every part of Mane Event.

As decorations chair, my team and I have tried to emphasize a ’50s Grease theme everywhere we can. We have also tried to get students excited and in a ’50s mood by decorating the Hughes-Trigg Student Center.

I have personally had the opportunity to work with Dallas businesses and SMU faculty and staff; I have spoken in front of the 100 members of Student Foundation and, of course, worked tirelessly with my fellow committee members gaining valuable life experiences along the way. I learned that it really takes a dedicated team to pull off an event as big as this year’s Mane event.

I am so excited about Mane Event on Friday, and everyone should definitely come out for fun, games, prizes, music, and food!