Emily at the Dallas art conference

Senior art history major Emily attended the College Art Association’s conference in Dallas. The conference brought together art historians, artists and scholars from across the country.

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An eye-opener

Today is the last day of the conference, and I must admit that I am a little exhausted from going to quite a few sessions and trekking down to the Adam’s Mark four days in a row now. But I attend to see one last session titled “Video Needs Art History like TV Needs a Plinth.” It was actually uninformative, on the whole, and one of the panelists spoke about pornography films.

It seemed strange seeing the conference wind down after being there for a few days and seeing all of the art historian blazers and nametags. The coordination of all the panels and events is impressive; if I went to one session, I felt I was missing out on something else I wanted to see.

College Art Association really opened my eyes to the kind of work art historians do outside of teaching and to see the culmination of research of many professionals coincide and challenge one another. I really feel like I was enlightened about the field of art history by attending the conference and am thankful to the Art History Department for allowing me the opportunity to attend.

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